There’s choice and there’s something to be sacrificed

I’m 18 years at all. There’s a choice to make. Become the followers and live without to have worried with ‘something happen’ or sufrace the thing that would make me facing problem. I’m consider,i’m not that kid anymore. I will join with people’s. sometimes this is make me freakin out. i don’t think i don’t have any suspicious experience. I see on my sister,she success with all of her work. Can do like her and become more success than her? and can i become the proud of my family?

Buddha said “Live is a suffer” i’m agree with that. I just become worried about facing the real life. This is not taught in school.  The simulation of real life. I desire my independent,i don’t want my mind is bound. i want to think it freely. I want to have wings to fly with,than  i’m complaining whole day through.Sometimes, i thinking about the memories who i’ve spent with my close friends,and family and i’m really consider that all of it should and has to be pass. I feel there is a feeling affection with that moment. The past and present is look like shimmering to my mind. Would i have the good friends like i have now in high school?

Back to that choice,i would choice the second. Why? “Let the dead be dead” if i throw away my life just cause i’m become worried can’t survive that means i’m similar to those that I fight the war. I don’t want to hestitate my life and become the coward. I don’t want live in the world that i can’t do anything to save people and make all better. If I save one life then there will not be saved. But one life it’s still precious and have meaning.

I will fight for justice and truth. Even it cost all of my life. Maybe you’ll think that i was loony. I really not care with other people thinks about.  I will search for my own truth.


2 thoughts on “There’s choice and there’s something to be sacrificed

  1. The freedom intelectual is lonely,and suffering. cause people need you but don’t want to close with you. keep strong girl 🙂

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