“Don’t forget. …

madoka2“Don’t forget. Always, somewhere..someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.” – Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica –

Sadness, frustation, depression, unhappy things happenned to our life. And it leave us with feel that we are alone. I may don’t know what trouble you’ve sen or you need to fight. What can i do is to make you remember, that you’re not alone.

From my own experience. Sadness, frustation, depression and unhappy things took us separate from other people. Because when facing a trouble, most of us choose to be alone and just feeling want to be alone. It’s natural for us as human to feel that as part of world of emotion that been included to our life.

But, sometimes we make alone wall. When we feel sad, we can’t think others. Only focused to our self. What i mean with “alone wall” is we create a mind block. It’s mind that whisper to yourself like : “you wouldn’t understand my problem.” or “people don’t care of me.” That was a mind block. If you feel and think like this take a paused time to see around you. Your friend, your family, your colleague and et cetera. They were beside you. What you need is just to open your nutshell.

Okay, other people maybe can’t give you a resolution to your problem.
But isn’t that great to have friend or family that standing beside you and worried with you?
Don’t rush to find an answer. You have a time as long as you need. Solution only come when you are not  “unshadowed by thoughts.”

I maybe don’t know and understand your trouble or maybe we don’t know each other. But I hope from my own experience, it can lead and guide you to stay awake. Just like quote on the above, i can’t give you a solution. But i’m here to remind you and pray for you.



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