Count Your Blessing

Whenever you are unhappy, sad, or dealing with frustation. Let’s start counting your blessing. I’m very understand how does it feel to deal with sadness and frustation. I know your feeling. But does this situation make us stop to being happy and gratefull?

The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now. – Robert G. Ingersoll

Our sadness ‘eat’ ourself slowly, yes it’s normal for feel sad. But it shouldn’t bother you. ‘Cause everything include sadness and happiness just come and go. Nothing is eternal in this mortal life. So,that’s how things are working. Sadness time will go, so don’t be worry and happiness will go too, so don’t stick yourself into it. Cherish the moment,now,

My simple ways to have a quick happiness is count my blessing that i receive until this moment.  When you accept and appreciate what you have, you will have a better view of your life.  Everything happens for a reason and we just need to observe and enjoy our life. We’re not a judge afterall. Happiness is conscious choice, not a reaction.  So, being happy is a small step to conscious life.  We don’t need much to being happy. The good things that we have is, now. Before the moment go, don’t let it waste away. You’re much bigger than you think. Cherish the people around you. Feel mroe connected to them. Be kind, be gentle and the world would do same.

So, whenever you’re sad. Just count your blessing. Have you count your blessing ?



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